Rejection Of Compromise & Pressure Of Biden Rule: Republican On Target

The time is not in favor of the Republicans as they are moving towards the 2018 election. There are multiple events which give you the glimpse of harsh winds in the camp of Republicans.

Firstly, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives devastatingly rejected the so-called “Compromise” immigration Bill, despite being having the support of the President.

The legal body has rejected the bill on account of 121 against 301 votes; a clear-cut shortage of 218 votes requires getting the approval of the bill. Not a single Democrat was in favor of the bill. The moderate Republicans even blasted on the fellow member during the conference following the meeting.

Along with this event, one more incident came into the light that Senate, Charles Schumer, Minority Leader, warned President of US and Republicans for nominating a justice for Supreme Court in place of Anthony Kennedy just before the 2018 election, and asked them to reject any other nomination who seeks to take on Roe v. Wade.

Schumer said, “There are countless other protections in addition to reproductive rights of women for Americans who belong to middle-class are on stake.” He tweeted, “Our Senate in Republican group need to oblige rule they made in 2016 of not to consider any nomination of Justice of Supreme Court in an election year.”

He asked the top Republican of Senate, Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell should follow the Biden Rule made by their party at the time of deciding to start the process of confirming the new member of Supreme Court as Justice.

Senate Joe Biden, in 1992, given a speech asking the Congress to hold on any proceeding with the selection for Supreme Court, until the President of that duration George Bush eventually failed reelection bid. There was no vacancy on the bench during that, but Biden rises up and made some references to the Rancor against the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Schumer referred to this decision as an “Associated political campaign supported by self-interest to rule on the bench, and target the Supreme Court.”

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