Honda Get Ready To Make An Entry In Pilot Plug-In Hybrid SUV

Honda needs electrified cars to cover 2/3rd of its worldwide sales by the end of 2030. But so as to do that, it requires to put those electrified cars in front of dealerships’ faces. One more PHEV may be joining the portfolio of Honda sooner than later, as per a media report.

Honda is preparing a plug-in hybrid version of its 3-row Pilot SUV, claimed the media reports. Its claim is established on spy image, which displays a slightly masked Pilot with what seems to be a 2nd flap on the front fender. This presumably hides a charger of its PHEV powertrain. That is the same position on the last-generation Accord Plug-In where the charging port was present.

The hybrid plug-in Pilot will expectedly make its entrance as fraction of a midcycle refresh that will witness extra modifications to the complete Pilot series. The media states that the refreshed Pilot will get fresh styling on the basis of the 2018 Odyssey and Accord. That appears to line up with the components of the Pilot that were masked in the above mentioned spy image. Honda refused to answer to media comments.

On a related note, jet engine and aircraft business of Honda Motors lost ¥41.8 Billion (almost $380 Million) in the financial year that concluded on 31 March, 2018. This was reported by the Japanese company in a yearly report filed with the U.S. regulators on June 20, 2018.

“Working loss of aircraft engines and aircraft comprised in the Other Businesses and Power Products section was ¥41.8 Billion, an enhancement of ¥1.9 Billion from the last financial year,” the firm claimed. In last financial year, Honda gave 35 light engines and business jets and reported a general loss of ¥43.7 Billion. This equates to a standard loss of ¥1.25 Billion per shipset.

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