FWC To Offer $5000 For Lionfish Hunters

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission clearly isn’t a fan of lionfish, as they are prepared to offer $5000 to catch the poisonous spikey creatures and get rid of them. The stingy fish caused many problems for the people in Florida. Apart from this, they also fed themselves on the reef fishes which caused the scarcity for the local public and also imbalance in the ecosystem.

The Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day Challenge, as called by the FYC, appeals fishermen and women, both recreational as well as commercial to yield lionfish and submit pictures of first 25 lionfishes they have captured. After submitting the photographs, you have to submit their tails to claim the top prize. There are many checkpoints across Florida for submission of the tails. Another appeal to attract the participants is that they get 2018 Lionfish challenge T-shirt, entry into Hall of Fame of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. FWC also used social media to promote the act and viewers were challenged to provide information on the lionfish movement and to motivate others to eradicate far greater quantities and sizes of the poisonous species. The staff at FWC does hunt and removes the fish on frequent basis but arranging a program like this can complete the task in faster and better way.

Lionfish, in the early 80s, earned fame as aquarium fish because of their spikes, beauty, variety in colors and magnificence. But the spikes, namely, dorsal spikes as their defense mechanism are very poisonous. Also, their appetite disturbed the aquatic ecosystem in Florida waters as they feed themselves on the reef fishes and Florida waters, not being their natural habitat, did not have any predators which helped them to multiply their population.

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