New AI System To Help You In Your Daily Household Activities

We are not going to discuss here anything like time travel. Instead, we are going to discuss a new AI system which can tell what you are going to do next in few minutes. But only in the case, if the next few minutes are going to involve cooking, and the past few minutes have involved cooking too.

So, for now, we can remember it which makes it easy to recall is a salad and breakfast-food predictor. A new study which will be presented during the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in IEEE in the latter part of this month, explains how the machine learning algorithm was prepared with hours of videos of individuals preparing salads and breakfasts.

Now, the developed AI is able to predict the new few steps of all variants of salad recipes, when the system detects someone to start making the one.

The researchers working in this algorithm is hoping for the future in which the smart home devices can analyze what the person is doing and then step in automatically to offer the assistance. The technology can may make your smart speaker let you know that you have skipped any step in preparation, or your stove can automatically adjust the heat, based on the cooking time and ingredients you put in to cook food.

This not at all means that machines are able to find out the intuitions and intentions of an individual. Rather, it is able to predict the fixed procedure and the next step based on the activity you are doing, be it a salad making or cooking for now.

However, AI system which predicts future is a completely new technology to explore, the field has a lot more to discover over time, and bringing the ability to predict in an AI system is something notable, though, not perfect.

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