Fastest Supercomputer On Way From The US

The latest supercomputer is about to debut in the market, seamlessly sweeping away the present one with its mammoth capabilities. It is named as Summit and is twice as powerful as the present one. It has the capability to accomplish around 200,000 trillion calculations each second or 200 petaflops. These supercomputers are highly expensive and huge computers that are designed with systems along with ten thousand processors, which enable the intensive calculative tasks.

Until now, Sunway TaihuLight from China was the most powerful supercomputer in the market with 93 petaflops.

The initial implementation of the latest supercomputer will be seen in the genres of cancer research, astrophysics, as well as systems biology.

It was developed in association and partnership with Nvidia and IBM. Currently, it is stationed at the Oak Ridge National Library or the ORNL, Tennessee.

Summit has 4,608 computer servers along with a memory of more than 10 petabytes. Dr. Thomas Zacharia, the Director of ORNL, stated that the supercomputer has already been used to run the code of comparative genomics code while it was being developed. In other words, while the machine was being assimilated to form the supercomputer, the tasks were also being executed. He compared the scenario with a racing car while putting on the tires.

As per a chart of the top supercomputers of the world released in 2017, out of 500 supercomputers, Chine owned 202 while the USA had 143 in its bag. In the list, the 5th one was Titan from the USA.

Rick Perry, the US Secretary of Energy stated that the competition is on and it is now time to show the entire world that the USA is back in the game with a robust system to support the success.

The computing capability of Summit is very strong and can seamlessly calculate data which has been saved on a desktop for 30 years in an hour.

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