Experts Of Ericson Over Challenges Of IoT And Prospects Of 5G Networks For IoT Devices

Bodil Josefsson, head of security at IoT Ericsson, explained that automation will play a vital part in safeguarding networks but warned that many companies aren’t geared up for the challenges associated with this approach.

Josefsson told Mobile World Live that it would be impractical to quickly and effectively protect IoT networks containing 20 billion devices without automation but acknowledged that there are problems due to new business models and technology models need to automate automation.

“Organizations are still grasping knowledge on how to do it and whom to cohort with,” she said in an interview at the recent GSMA Mobile 360 security and privacy event.

Another important factor is data integrity, due to the fact that large volumes are generated by devices, many of which are simple and therefore only support limited onboard security technology.

Josefsson said, “Most of the information or decisions made are based on data coming from devices, and everything happens based on that, so you have to make sure the data is correct, which is not how someone forged the data.”

While on the other side, a prognosis made in the Swedish company’s Mobility Report in 2018 shows that the market for IoT devices will grow to 3.5 Billion units by 2023, five times the 700 million devices that are currently in use. It also marks a doubling of the company’s estimates from November.

The Ericsson report predicts the launch of the first 5G commercial networks later this year. The launch will take place in important markets such as North America, Japan, South Korea, and China. By 2023, the company estimates that 20% of all mobile data traffic around the globe is backed by 5G networks.

“We have been reporting on the development of the mobile industry for several years.” Patrik Carwell of industry marketing at Ericsson said in a statement. “This report is probably one of the best as we are at the beginning of a major change in the industry.”

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