The United States To Face The Major Challenge Of Labor Strike

Reportedly, America is about to face its biggest labor strike ever, as the Teamsters and United Parcel Service (UPS) may head toward the strike in decades.

Recently, the union proclaimed that 90% of the union members have voted in favor of a strike if the necessary conditions occur. However, despite a great support for the strike by the members, the union tends to stick to the best-negotiating strategy.

UPS occupies about 260,000 Teamsters. It added 40,000 union members since its current contract was reached 5 Years ago. UPS carries about 6% GDP of the nation. It conveys that labor disagreements may lead to the economic disruption of the U.S. Main concern is how the shipping giant will tackle the issue of offering deliveries 7 Days a week.

About 1 Year ago, UPS had started offering regular Saturday delivery service. The company has not officially declared about the Sunday service plans. However, the union proclaimed that the company has made some proposals that would help in expanding the weekend deliveries.

As per the union, under negotiation process, it is offered with a proposal to create a two-tier wage system. The proposed system if implemented would convert part-time workers into full-time workers by offering the same wages ($15 per hour). Whereas, existing full-time drivers are currently earning an average of $36 an hour, or roughly $75,000 a year.

The Teamsters are divided into two groups on this proposal. It has made the situation worst to handle that is making it difficult to reach a common decision of the union and avoid a strike.

An opponent group within the union argues that the company should offer its new full-time workers the same wages as that of its existing workers.

On a related note, hundreds of Teamsters working for Tops Markets demanded to know about pensions. The workers presented their questions regarding their pension in a meeting conducted on Wednesday after the announcement of the grocery chain from Amherst. Recently, the chain proclaimed that it has proposed for the settlement over a pension dispute with the New York State Teamsters Pension Fund.

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