Invasive Tick Is Now Established In Fourth New Jersey County

An invasive tick species that is recognized for its affinity to plague livestock is now verified to have stretched to a 4th New Jersey county, as declared by the state officials. Also, the state stated that it has discovered proof that the tick existed since 2014 in New Jersey, much longer than had been earlier acknowledged.

The Longhorned tick, or called the East Asian tick as well, has been located in Mercer County as per the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA). Also, the NJDA declared that a tick obtained from a dog in 2013 in Union County has been established to be a Longhorn tick, implying that the invasive species has been since at least then in New Jersey.

The tick—that was primarily located in Hunterdon County and also in the Middlesex County and Union County—is not deemed a danger to inhabitants in the Garden State. However, the NJDA has yet to discover any diseases being transmitted by the tick in the state.

The US Department of Agriculture is intending to do more testing for probable diseases hauled by the tick. People are urged to utilize normal tick prevention techniques on their pets as well as themselves.

The key distress for the state is the potential impact of the tick on animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and deer. The NJDA has titled the Longhorned tick as “a severe pest to livestock.” The efforts of the state to battle the ticks have until now been to treat the particular regions where the ticks are established.

On the similar front, the NJDA has also established a tick hotline. To convey a note if a tick is located and there is ambiguity regarding what the next measures are or if one requires information regarding what to do if one finds a tick on themselves, their livestock or pets, call 1-833-NEWTICK (1-833-639-8425).

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