Victory In New Jersey And Defeat In Minnesota For Nuclear

This week, two political measures at the state level failed to clarify the bleak future of nuclear power in the United States.

The House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota did not vote on a bill that allows Xcel Energy to recover the costs of maintenance of nuclear power plants before the company spends money.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy signed a law, according to which nuclear facilities in this state that are on lifebuoys; they will now be considered under the Zero Emissions Certificate (ZEC) program.

Meanwhile, the debate about the future of nuclear energy continues at the highest level of government. While the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is considering comments on its reputation for sustainability, Rick Perry, Energy Secretary, is apparently inspecting on numerous options for preserving coal-fired and nuclear power plants.

The public utility of electricity and gas in NJ warned state legislators that plants are at risk of closing owing to no support. Xcel said that the Minnesota bill would offer companies more confidence in supporting the operation of reactors.

The law of Minnesota would hold up three Xcel reactors with licenses that will be in effect by 2030, 2033 and 2034, with an anticipated expenditure of about $1.4 Billion.

Critics, comprising Mark Dayton, Democratic Governor, disagree with the fact that the law would weaken the authority of the Public Services Commission. The Senate passed the bill last week, but time in the House ran over.

According to the information of the Energy Information Administration, in 2016, about 40% of electricity from nuclear power was received in New Jersey. In 2017, Minnesota received about 23% of its electricity from nuclear energy.

A similar subsidy program in New York, which allows nuclear energy to use ZEC loans, is now on the Court of Appeal. The ZEC nuclear program in Illinois also faces judicial complexities.

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