Medical Marijuana Shortages Faced By New Jersey As Program Expands

The medical marijuana program of New Jersey is blowing up. Following closely after some noteworthy amends to the regulation of the state earlier this year, there has been an outburst of new patients enrolling for the program. AT present, shops are under pressure to stay even with the requirement. As New Jersey confronts medical marijuana dearth as the program gets bigger, patients are discovering themselves left in the wobble.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, earlier this year, led an attempt to expand the medical marijuana program of the state so as to make cannabis more available to patients. The state lawmakers, later in March, sanctioned the proposal.

Among several sweeping modifications, the most noteworthy was the amendment in the qualifying stipulations. Earlier, the state made a limited listing of health conditions that would be eligible for medical marijuana. However, the new rule brought in to embrace a much broader variety of conditions that consists of pretty much any diagnosed health problem.

The amendments made in March also enabled the physicians to simply recommend medical marijuana. Rather than needing physicians to register in a public registry prior to prescribing cannabis, doctors in New Jersey can now liberally prescribe marijuana to the needed. That comprises more severe conditions such as cancer and epilepsy, as well as more ordinary ailments such as chronic pain and anxiety.

All of these variations were intended at making medical marijuana more available to a bigger number of patients. And it seems that is just what is taking place. So much so, actually, that several dispensaries are beginning to run out of cannabis. Opportunely, local media has stated that the shortage is not hampering the entire state.

In another report by the health department of the state, over 5,000 Lyme disease cases were reported in 2017 in New Jersey, which is the highest figure in nearly 2 decades.

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