Indigo Grounds 3 A320 Planes Due To Engine Issues

IndiGo, the biggest airlines company in India has called back the 3 A320 neo planes from service that has been implemented from February 9, 2018. As per the version of IndiGo, they have taken the decision of grounding the three aircrafts for the engines issues. These aircrafts were powered by renowned engines from Pratt & Whitney. They have received recommendations by EASA or the European Aviation Safety Regulator as well as by Pratt & Whitney for the A320 neo planes which are powered by PW1100G-JM Engines. They also said that they have three planes with a specific configuration of the engines that have been flagged by the European Aviation Safety Regulator.

Indigo Grounds 3 A320 Planes Due To Engine Issues

According to the statement released by the regulator of Indian aviation Directorate General of Civil Aviation or DGCA, the decision was taken after EASA followed several instances in the family of A320 neo aircrafts. These involved the engine In-flight shut-down or IFSD along with Rejected Take-Off or RTO.

The InterGlobe Aviation Ltd. is the owner of IndiGo and said that they have contacted Pratt & Whitney to take care of the aforementioned errors.

The precautionary steps of grounding the 3 planes have led to various cancellations of the flights. However, it is acceptable for the authority when the safety and security of the passengers are in question. They believe that the reliable and safe operations of the planes area top priority and can’t be compromised at any cost.

In the meantime, the passengers who suffered due to the cancellations of various flights were accommodated in other flights. These passengers were also offered a full refund of the amount as a choice.

DGCA disclosed that Go Air, which is the competitor of IndiGo, also uses A320 neo planes but were unaffected by any issue.

Till November, the largest airline of India has a market share worth 39%.

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