Two Brand New Trains To Be Soon Launched Which Are Claimed To Reduced Travel Time

Indian Railways is going to launch its first semi-high speed, automatic trains of its kind by June this year. These trains will set equal distance in 20% less time than any normal trains. These train sets are being prepared in Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory (ICF) and the first train with 16 air-conditioned coaches will be ready by June 2018.

Two Brand New Trains To Be Soon Launched Which Are Claimed To Reduced Travel Timerain 18 will provide world-class facilities including Wi-Fi and futuristic technologies, GPS-based passenger information systems, and bright lighting equipped with LED lighting for passengers. These new trains will replace the existing trains. Launching of the second train from the name of Train 20 is expected in the year 2020. These trains will also be equipped with world-class facilities and will be used in place of existing capital trains.

These two trains are being built under the make-in-India campaign in the ICF. Their cost of construction will be half of the cost of trains imported from abroad. Only one difference would be that the train 18 will be made up of stainless steel body and train 20 bodies will be made up of aluminum.

These new trains to replace the EMU will have long glass windows, open sliding doors, and stairs for a contemporary modern look, which will open at the stations and open automatically. There will be vacuum bio-toilets in these trains.

ICF General Manager S. Mani said, “The train 18 can catch up to 160 kmph. There will be world-class passenger facilities. The first train will be ready to serve by June 2018.”

A study has shown that this train will have 3 hours and 35 minutes to spend to cover the distance of 1,440 km on Delhi-Howrah route. Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains will be able to run at speeds up to 150 km per hour, but the average speed will be 90 km. At the time of travel, a reduction has been done on the basis of the speed of 130 kmph. When new trains are allowed to run at 160 kmph, it will take less time to reach the destination.

With this new development by Indian Railways in terms of coach advancement and fitment of high standard equipment has paced up the level of Indian trains. As it has been done through Make in India initiative which in results has saved loads of funds that would have created a huge hole in the government treasury.

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