Poisonous Grease All Over The Milky-way Galaxy

Our galaxy, The Milky Way, is found to have highly congested with lot of toxic and lethal grease, which is a very alarming situation for the world. Some astronomers at University of NSW, one of the universities in Sydney, are starting to investigate the quantity of the space-grease that is present in the galaxy we live in. This grease is nothing but two types of compounds that are generally leaked from the stars. There are two types of these compounds, one is the aromatic carbon and the other is the aliphatic carbon.

The researchers also manufactured their own version, as far as the space-grease or the interstellar-dust, as they may call it, is concerned. Certain experiments were conducted to observe a few things like the light-absorption by this dust present in the outer-space to draw out conclusions that would be of some help. This test itself can help understand the amount of dust that is actually present in the outer space.

The conclusion of this research showed that there may be around 10,000 million trillion tones of this interstellar dust that is present in the outer space. The research was mainly conducted for the aliphatic carbon. The aromatic carbon’s study, however, is not done yet but the researchers are planning to do it sooner than later.

Talking of outer space, the recent photographs of the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, which were taken from the Webb telescope, are being studied by the scientists. Webb telescope is expected to be the strongest telescope in the history of telescopes ever launched. One of the prime objectives of the scientists is to study and understand the red color over the surface of the giant planet. Their best guess is that it may be caused by some molecules called as chromophores, as the research continues.


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