Racial Pressure Flares At Newark’s Privileged Science Park High School

For quite a time, a culturally charged dispute has been turning intense in the background at Science Park High School. The debate is about how one of most privileged schools in the Newark chooses its students.

And recently, it raged to a new height.

Science Park is the most admired public high school of the district. It is a discerning magnet school that was the leading option for candidates last year applying to high school. But the enrollment of the National Blue Ribbon School does not show the same. An unreasonably small number of its students are black and a suspiciously a number of white students are present in huge numbers. This is in spite of the fact that while comparatively few come from specific city areas with black population including the area where it is located, Central Ward.

Reacting to this, a bunch of parents (mostly of black students) has been arguing with the administration to revamp its admission process, which is founded mainly on state test scores of the students. The parents have recommended interviewing students, concentrating on their report cards, and possibly setting aside seats from each ward for students.

The management has made some small modifications to its admissions rules, but not sufficient to gratify the bunch of parents. This was obvious last week when the Science Park management hosted a communal town-hall discussion to talk about those rules.

Dubbed as the Blue Ribbon Parents, the group boycotted the meeting by the management until the last minutes, when the parent of a Science Park student made an entry in the auditorium and questioned how the district can lawfully and in good sense permit the present admissions process. Kathleen Tierney, the principal of the school, left prior to the man ended speaking, as per the sources and industry insiders.

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